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Deliver next-generation customer engagement through unique StiloTouch interactive digital presentations. It's time to make those conversations take off!
Defining a new kind of presentation technology.

StiloTouch is the next-generation interactive digital platform, designed to demonstrate your capability and showcase technical expertise like never before through a rich mix of video, animation and motion – taking customer engagement to the next level.

Specialising in the aerospace, defence and space sectors, we work with businesses looking to demonstrate their technical capabilities in new and innovative ways. Our creative intelligence enables you to deliver flexible, inspiring and interactive presentations that communicate your expertise and deliver powerful results which:

  1. > Build awareness and understanding
  2. > Drive engagement with stakeholders
  3. > Increase conversions through demonstrable ROI
Innovation redefined
StiloTouch is a powerful and innovative platform which positions you as a leader and sets you apart from the competition. Deliver impact and understanding through a rich mix of animation, video, motion graphics, interactive tap points and more. Tailor content to your audience – move seamlessly from overview to deeper detail, bringing up animated layers and metrics at a tap. It's a truly engaging experience which encourages conversation and showcases expertise.
" We are looking to double our revenues globally over the next 2-3 years. Using StiloTouch will play a huge part in helping us achieve this. It will explain our technology in probably the best way I've ever seen."
Learn how an innovative manufacturer showcased their technology globally with StiloTouch
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Organised and easy
StiloTouch instantly improves the quality of customer conversations through dynamic and flexible content ensuring you are always relevant. The intuitive structure ensures all your content can be delivered at a tap – have everything you need, whenever you need it. Don't be bound by linear, lifeless slidedecks – be agile and choose different content every time, delivering the wow!
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Complex with clarity
StiloTouch is an impactful and easy-to-use tool, delivering complex detail with clarity whilst keeping the team on brand and on message. From online meetings, to boardroom to expo: have the tools to deliver deeper understanding of your technology and expertise. Instantly launch 3D render animations, dive deeper into detail or show animated infographics and metrics. Take your audience on a VIP experience that truly positions you as leaders in your field.
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