Agility the key as events make a welcome return

Events are back with a bang. It’s great to be meeting up with people face-to-face again after everything we’ve all been through. And as businesses gather at events and exhibitions around the globe, it’s already evident that companies are conjuring up creative ways to stand out – and for the conversations they have to truly resonate.

Attendance at any event is a commitment, and we all want to ensure that, in making that commitment, we make best use of the time (and money) we are expending. Increasingly, simply having a physical presence at an event is not enough. To stand out – and to have a deeper and more meaningful conversation as a result – is vital if you are going to make the most of the opportunities having a stand at an event brings.

There are a number of ways companies can ensure they make the maximum impact with visitors at an event.

Be agile.

Steer a conversation, rather than just have a conversation. Equip yourselves and your team with the tools to make sure you’re able to flex and adapt. Answer questions in a memorable and creative way, so that what you say lodges firmly in the mind of the recipient.

Use technology to the max.

A company brochure or a slide deck is old hat. It’s perfectly possible, wherever you are, to have at your disposal all the data, statistics, technical specs, case studies and video content you’d ever need to showcase what you do.

Make your brand memorable.

Appeal to people’s senses by using visually stunning graphics and video in your presentations, and if you have space for multiple screens, then use them.

Take a customer-focused approach.

You might have a great stand design, but be sure to appeal to the visitor in as many different ways as you can – wow your audiences with sights, sounds and statistics by having as much information as you can at your fingertips. If your approach is different, people walking past your stand will notice.

How do we know that all of the above works? Because at StiloTouch we have developed a sales tool which is built for our times – something that will bring what you say to life. An interactive and engaging means of presenting, ideal for any device at any event. It enables your team to navigate to relevant content, whoever they are talking to, and wherever they are talking to them.

And because we have embraced the very latest technology, you can project any number of presentations to any number of screens, meaning your team can have numerous different conversations at the same time. All of which means you show your business in the best light – every time.

If you’d like to see how StiloTouch can help you maximise your presence at an exhibition or event, then we’d be delighted to show you. Simply book a 15 minute demo, and take a walkthrough online to discover more.

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