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We had the pleasure recently to write a piece for the MEM Magazine. For those that don’t know, MEM is a leading UK manufacturing and engineering magazine. They are both a print and online magazine that some 100,000 industry professionals read. It is the number one source for UK engineering news, developments and case studies. As such, the magazine offers the ideal channel for businesses looking to talk about their services and manufacturing expertise on a national scale, in an entirely business to business format

Our founder and creative director Ian Woodley wrote about the innovation and showcasing of emerging technologies he is looking forward to seeing at this year’s MACH show being held at NEC Birmingham.  

MACH is an event for inspiring, innovating and connecting manufactures.It’s the UK’s biggest manufacturing technologies event and allows key buyers and engineers to find, specify and purchase new equipment. It showcases live and digital production systems all under one roof. With over 600 exhibitors they expect some 25,000 visitors over 4 days.

Prior to MACH, we’ve been talking to innovative businesses such as Ash Technologies who were looking for a more engaging and impressive way of taking customers through their technology and product range. (See them at MACH on stand 19-625).

As designer and creator of #StiloTouch, Ian was excited to demonstrate the benefits of such a powerful tool.

One thing we found from industry conversations is that companies are looking for a more engaging way to present to clients and internally. Boring slide decks seems to be a common theme throughout discussion with companies being burdened with basic tools.

Gone are the days when customers had to endure a laboured, lifeless, linear slide deck and ask questions at the end. Now, this flexible and interactive tool delivers content the customer wants to see – different every time.  

StiloTouch takes away the hassle of having to constantly tailor presentations for different clients. It gives you the power to do things differently through interactive and agile presentations, adapting and flexing to tell a story depending on who you are talking to. Have instant, offline access to interactive tap points, motion graphics, product videos or animated performance metrics – all easily available at a tap. It’s a digital hub that will revolutionise how you market and sell your products and services.

 “Showcasing your expertise is about delivering flexible, customer-focused content every time”, says Ian Woodley.


Ian did a large amount of research before creating StiloTouch and found some interesting information by Dimensional Research.

According to a recent study*, 70% of the B2B buying process is done before the buyer even engages with the sales team. It’s therefore crucial that businesses can demonstrate capability and expertise in a flexible, customer-focused way.

*Dimensional Research

Times are changing and StiloTouch is evolving businesses to stay ahead, be future fit, and showcase their expertise with next generation tools. Feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

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