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Much talk in the MedTech sector has been given over to smarter working, and the continued increasing importance of agility and innovation.

There’s no doubt that the sector has stepped up to the challenge of developing and delivering a broad range of solutions during the pandemic. In short, the threat posed by Covid has led to accelerated innovation by MedTech companies as they have adapted and flexed to bring products to market which have resulted in us all beginning to return to normal.

That’s not to say there are not still barriers to further progress. A report published following the Ignite Medical Innovation Summit urged still further collaboration as there was a “real opportunity to build on the incredible innovative mindset that has been embraced across the health system during the pandemic.”

From highly technical to simple and understandable

However MedTech companies are trying to convey what they are about, one of their biggest challenges is distilling often complex messages into something simple and understandable. Whether they are selling highly technical products, looking for investor backing or going through particular phases of funding, they need to be succinct and timely in their messaging.

At StiloTouch, we have spent many years nurturing our own innovation to be able to help companies to do just that – enabling them to bring what they do to life – no matter how technical or complicated that may be. That has enormous advantages if you are looking to showcase your technology and your business in a clear and memorable way. StiloTouch does that because it puts all your sales and marketing material in on place, putting a company’s products and services where they need to be via a comprehensive digital hub of information. It gives you quick and easy access to product ranges, no matter how vast they are, as well as the ability to instantly call up and demonstrate technical specifications, application videos and product comparisons. So you can not only steer a conversation, but answer the most technical of questions with complete authority.

How we’ve done it for others

Often, clients find most value from StiloTouch in being able to present issues of real complexity with real clarity. Microfluidics, a world leader in high pressure fluid processing, needed to streamline a lengthy slide deck which ran to several hundred pages. Included in that was a huge range of specifications – using animated graphics and video we put the metrics into a format that is easily understood and crystal clear. Until that point, they had been struggling to convey performance and specification.

We also worked with MedTech spin-out Sonosine to produce brand videos and technical videos to help tell their story. You can see the results here.

For all companies we work with, agility and flexibility is key. In the modern space, people want to stand out, be seen as forward-thinking, progressive and dynamic. We understand that, and how to help them do it, which is why our clients turn to us when it comes to getting across the ‘wow’ factor in a new and different way.

We did precisely that for Kuka Robotics. Hear what we did for them here. We’d be only too happy to tell you how we could do it for you.

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