Remote really works – with the right tools in place

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Remote working has become a byword for us all over the past 12 months, and will continue to play a big role for businesses in 2021.

While many feel that their hands have been forced by Covid-19 in that the need to work from home arrived suddenly, what has also become apparent very quickly is the adaptability and flexibility of businesses across the UK.

While we were all coming to terms with doing business from our kitchen tables, it also became clear that people could not only stay productive and focused despite not being in the office, but that in many cases people were working better.

And as it dawned on us that remote really worked, one of the key tasks for employers was to ensure that staff had access to the tools they needed to work from home. For sales teams, the requirements were various; the ability to refine and adapt the materials at their disposal, combined with a platform that allowed them to convey all they wanted to say clearly and concisely.

It sounds simple enough, but all too often – though they have a wealth of material at their disposal – sales teams are constrained because the tools they are using are not agile and flexible. In other words, the key requirement of remote working for companies looking to market their products or services are the sales enablement tools that help them to do so. Tools that allow them to respond directly to a specific, detailed question, or to steer a conversation with confidence along a potentially lucrative path.

If you’re running through a sales presentation ‘virtually,’ then the ability to go with the flow is a vital weapon in your armoury. Virtual presentations bring their own challenges; it can be tricky to ‘read the room,’ or a question could be fired at you from leftfield from someone you didn’t even realise was there. However, if you’re using new presentation software that genuinely allows for innovation and agility as a built-in part of the process, then you can take your marketing to a whole new level.

At StiloTouch, we help companies stand out from the crowd, wherever and whenever they’re operating. Our interactive presentations allow sales and marketing teams to generate revenue by having everything they need in one place. Product details or technical specifications, access to a wealth of data, video, imagery and case studies, it’s all at your fingertips – seamless and professional while reflecting the culture, expertise and ethos of your brand.

Companies are right to demand more from their technology in an age where remote working is an integral part of what we all do. By embracing that technology, and thinking and doing things differently (dare we even say waving goodbye to boring presentations?), you can not only bolster your sales figures, but you can improve the performance and confidence of your key sales people, and have some fun along the way.

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