Defence specialists show technical expertise through flexible digital presentations

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Leading NATO codification experts

CMCA are experts in providing through-life supply chain support across a range of sectors and applications. Their experience and in-depth knowledge and capability includes NATO codification (NSNs), obsolescence management, procurement and long-term storage. Since 1997 they have worked to establish a loyal and diverse client base in sectors including defence, aerospace, rail and energy.

Showcasing technical expertise to the supply chain, and beyond

It was important for CMCA to be recognised as a leader in their field, and for them to present their business to customers as forward-thinking, capable and technically knowledgeable. Their team needed to be agile in how they structured a meeting, and to be able to draw on a wealth of visually dynamic information quickly and reliably – from service detail to operational processes to case studies.

In evaluating their brand presence, we recommended the development of a stronger, more dynamic and consistent identity. We therefore worked with them to develop a new visual brand language of which they could take ownership, which was implemented across video and digital material.

All of this was then brought together in a bespoke StiloTouch presentation. The new branding was brought to life through motion graphics and video, and we built animations to take customers step-by-step through complex processes. All content is available offline to be used in any scenario, across iPad, Surface Pro or laptop - a truly flexible and interactive presentation tool for all the team.

An innovative and flexible event presentation sales tool

The CMCA sales team is constantly in conversation across a range of sectors, so there was a desire to have one unified tool which could be adapted with each and every conversation, creating a unique customer experience whilst clearly, efficiently and concisely conveying their technical expertise and experience. We worked with CMCA to define the customer journey, and then structured their StiloTouch presentation to enable them to instantly access a wealth of information when required – instead of trying to access different assets on a laptop or showing a conventional linear slide deck.

The result was an innovative tool to use across online meetings, in-person presentations, and at Expo events – grabbing attention, engaging customers, and building brand credibility with even the largest of supply chain businesses.

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The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
  • Flex the conversation with a different presentation every time.
  • Offline, instant access to all their video content.
  • Animation and motion graphics help comprehension of processes.
  • Delivering credibility in sales presentations and at industry events such as DSEI.
  • A ground-breaking approach in a typically conservative sector.
CMCATouch is a significant departure from our historic marketing and business development material, allowing us to have a far more interactive and visually appealing discussion with potential clients and delivering a more impactful overview of the company.
Darren Topley
Managing Director

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