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The future of data centre cooling

Excool are a British advanced manufacturer whose vision and technological expertise have developed an innovative solution to the increasing challenges facing the cooling of global data centres. Located in the heart of the Midlands, their team of engineers design, develop and manufacture advanced cooling systems using their proprietary technology which are then shipped around the world.

Moving from traditional methods to a dynamic, flexible platform

Whilst leading the world in their technology, it was apparent that when it came to actually explaining this and its market advantages to global hyperscale customers, their existing presentation material did not portray them as the innovators they were, or give them the flexibility to be agile in meetings. They realised they needed a better way to tell their story, be able to flex the message according to the audience requirements, and to access more dynamic content such as animations, videos and motion graphics to more accurately and professionally demonstrate their expertise.

Wowing customers with deeper engagement

Equipping their whole team with StiloTouch has instantly increased customer engagement and understanding – both in online presentations and at global events from Silicon Valley to Europe to Asia. As a self-contained offline platform, StiloTouch has enabled Excool to confidently talk about their innovation and deliver the ‘wow’ factor like never before.

Wherever they are, and whenever they need it, they have instant access to innovative content which delivers the difference and converts conversations into sales. Animated infographics explain ROI, motion graphics deliver technical understanding, and interactive tap points unleash deeper detail at a tap. Furthermore, it has ensured the whole team have a consistent message and approach from a brand perspective.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 

Truly portray them as a global technology innovator to hyperscale customers

Showcase their expertise and demonstrate capability like never before

Empower the team with the ability to flex the direction of conversation according to the customer’s needs

Deliver brand and message consistency across the sales team, globally

Save preparation time by always having everything to hand – no need to compile a new deck each time

We are looking to double our revenues globally over the next 2-3 years. Using StiloTouch will play a huge part in helping us achieve this. It will explain our technology in probably the best way I've ever seen.
John Pettitt
Chief Commercial Officer

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