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Innovators in particle processing technology

Fitzpatrick is a globally recognised industry leader in precision particle size reduction and dry granulation. Their advanced products are trusted throughout the world in transforming material ready for manufacturing within the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food processing and chemical industries.

Ditching overwhelming slidedecks for dynamic, engaging content

The situation at Fitzpatrick was a familiar one: text-heavy Powerpoint presentations which did little to capture (and hold) attention, together with a mish-mash of images and graphics adding to the confusion. They wanted to be perceived as knowledge experts and industry leaders, yet their jumbled content was failing to demonstrate this - overwhelming their customers instead. In addition, they had video content which was rarely used as it was difficult to embed into their slides. A more dynamic approach was required.

Telling a structured, yet flexible narrative

Fitzpatrick’s technical product line demanded clear explanation of its innovative design, the processes it encompasses, and the problems it solves. The requirements were two-fold: firstly to have clear and easy to understand visual explanations, and secondly to have the ability to change the flow of this content depending on individual customer requirements. This would be a step-change away from their existing linear, inflexible and overwhelming slides.

We designed a customer-focussed approach to their story, building in an extensive array of interactive tap points, rendered product animations, and animated graphics - all of which is quickly available at any point in a customer conversation. This delivers a much more engaging and relevant presentation which is easy to use by the whole team across virtual video calls, in-person meetings, and at expo events. 

The result is a highly effective sales and marketing tool which takes the team to new levels of presentation excellence - building brand recognition, aiding understanding, and increasing sales.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
  • Deliver a flexible, engaging narrative on their technology, innovation and products, with the ability to change the flow of a presentation every time.
  • Instant access to animated infographics, bringing clarity to complex processes.
  • Use of 3D rendered animations and interactive tap points to deliver deeper detail when required.
  • Reinforce customer perceptions of the company as an industry leader and thought expert.

Exceptionally creative in nature and communicates our message in a clear and concise manner. The response from the organisation and industry as a whole bears witness to the skills of the StiloTouch team.
Helen Desmeules
Product Marketing

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