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A global technology leader

As a world leading robotic manufacturer, KUKA Robotics want to portray themselves as a progressive, dynamic company. Their advanced product range addresses a wide range of industry payload requirements, and is constantly being updated and refined to reflect customer needs and technological advances.

Moving away from cumbersome, lifeless slidedecks

As an innovative manufacturer, they are at the forefront of technology yet used a disjointed range of linear slidedecks, created using old-fashioned software, to take customers through their product range. They acknowledged that they should be seen as foward thinking and embracing new technology – after all this is exactly want they are advocating to their customers! There was a strong desire to break away from traditional, linear, inflexible slidedecks, and take the customer on a virtual journey. They needed an interactive tool which allowed them to change direction in a presentation as the conversation evolves, allowing them to instantly pull up relevant content if a customer asks about a particular product, solution or system – without having to say '...we'll get to that in a minute'.

The key requirement highlighted from their sales team? Engagement.

Delivering the 'wow' factor

To demonstrate their technological expertise, it was important to leave the customer feeling 'wowed'. After all, their competitors could be next through the door...

The ability to react during a meeting, being agile and responsive, so they can create a bespoke experience was fundamental. With StiloTouch, the conversation is focused around the customer, not a monologue of multiple slides about themselves. The ability to instantly access a wealth of product data, specifications, video and animated graphics ensures their team deliver memorable and relevant experiences which firmly position them as leaders in their field.

In addition, having one single consolidated platform allows use across a multitude of customer touchpoints – virtual meetings through remote working, on customer visits, as well as at exhibitions and events. As an offline resource, all the content is dynamically available whenever, and wherever, they need it – no need to worry about poor connectivity when on guest networks.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
KUKA Robotics
  • Ease of access to a host of data, instantly accessible for sales teams and keeping presentations creative, up to date and exciting.
  • Better sales, because the team is more responsive, engaged and flexible, driving and steering the conversations.
  • Animated graphics and video with presentations, making sales presentations more engaging and interesting, increasing confidence of the team delivering.
  • Remote access, offline resource where and when they need it, reducing hassle and making best use of time.
When we present to our customers, we want to leave them with the 'wow' factor, taking them on a virtual journey. With StiloTouch, we can tailor the customer experience to exactly what they want to see, different every time.
Katherine Nowill
Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland
KUKA Robotics

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