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Solving nanotechnology application challenges

As a global leader in high-pressure fluid processing, Microfluidics have developed technology across their industry-leading Microfluidizer® processing equipment for unrivalled results in technical applications such as nanoemulsion, cell disruption and particle size reduction.

Confusing marketing tools hinder the sales process

With conventional sales presentation slide-decks spanning many hundreds of pages, they saw an opportunity to streamline this into a more dynamic format, and introduce interactivity in the form of video explanations, animated process metrics and pop-up product specifications.

Complex with clarity

Through our digital StiloTouch platform we developed a media-rich environment, which gave the global sales and marketing team a consistent messaging approach, whilst having offline access to a wealth of engaging content to draw on in presentations, 1-2-1 meetings and detailed customer conversations. The ability to move seamlessly from section to section as the conversation demands, coupled with the reassurance they always have everything they need for value-added delivery, is a real game-changer for the team.

Our work on the digital marketing side was complemented by a literature refresh, which ensured the messaging related directly to their customer’s challenges, and demonstrated the technical advantages and unsurpassed benefits of their equipment. Working with the team across Canada, the US, Europe and the UK, we developed a clear visual design language, placing emphasis on the appropriate messaging and telling their story through a clear and concise approach to design and placing the product as hero.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
  • Made a complex issue understandable, and easy for their sales teams to present, putting everything into one dynamic and interactive format and increasing sales conversions.
  • Developed a creative presentation which matched the innovation of the company – more enjoyable presentations mean more opportunities to convert sales!
  • Flexible, adaptable presentations which are just as impactful remotely as face-to-face, enhancing the professionalism and credibility of the sales team.
  • Creative use of video and animated graphics, resulting in truly memorable messages which gives them the edge over their competitors.
Exceptionally creative in nature and communicates our message in a clear and concise manner. The response from the organisation and industry as a whole bears witness to the skills of the StiloTouch team.
Helen Desmeules
Product Marketing

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