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Innovative energy saving technology explained

For housebuilders, the pressure to achieve ambitious building regulation sustainability targets while meeting challenging budgets is on. Mira HeatCapture™ is an innovative energy saving system that recycles the heat energy from waste shower water to warm up the new supply. Its simple-to-fit, high performance design offers one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to boost the energy efficiency rating for new homes.

A professional sales presentation tool for all the team

As a leading UK shower manufacturer, Mira were looking for a different and innovative way to present their new Mira HeatCapture™ product to market. Whilst they already had a solid slidedeck, it was linear and 'static', and there was a need to bring their technology to life with video, animations and motion graphics. This would then enable the sales team to engage on a deeper level with their audience, delivering greater product understanding and building brand reputation.

We worked closely with the team to establish the best narrative for their customer journey, determining what visual assets would best explain and engage. We then mapped out the content to provide the team with an easy-to-use, intuitive and visually striking platform which becomes their go-to sales and marketing tool. We supplemented their existing imagery with new motion graphics sequences to explain the technology, and how it works. Taking their CAD files, we developed new animated renders and embedded them within the presentation so they were easy to access, whenever the team needed them.

We also generated numerous animated interactive pop-up modules so the team could dive into deeper content when relevant to the conversation, rather than skipping through lots of unwanted slides. Features such as pop-up maps to show regional sales team leaders, or animated metrics for factory production capability, all came together to produce a highly informative, effective and beautifully looking tool.

Delivering the difference to specifiers and developers

StiloTouch has equipped the Mira team with a powerful presentation platform for them to deliver understanding to their customers in an eye-catching and memorable way -  differentiating themselves from the competition. Easily deployed across the whole team, it provides consistent messaging and new animated content which they did not previously have. Wherever they are, and whenever they need it, the team have instant access to next-generation interactive product content which delivers understanding, builds relationships and increases sales.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
Mira Showers
  • A highly engaging, informative and visual tool to explain their technology
  • Beautifully on-brand, the platform is intuitive and easy to use for all the team
  • Be customer-relevant and flex presentation content as required - different every time
  • A highly effective offline platform for instant access to video and motion graphics
  • Gives the team a powerful tool to use at events and expos – grabbing attention

It looks seamless, premium and really strong visually - loving your work!
B2B Installer Communications
Mira Showers

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