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An advanced European manufacturer

As one of the world’s leading suppliers to the plumbing industry, Neoperl designs and manufactures an extensive range of products for taps, basins and showers including aerators, check valves and hoses. Their product line is technically advanced, manufactured to extremely fine tolerances, and is class-leading both for operational performance and environmental benefits.

Making sense of multiple slidedecks and PDFs

As a global business with a strong European presence, it was important for Neoperl to be recognised as innovative and forward-thinking. Their sales and marketing teams throughout Europe needed to deliver consistent, engaging and informative presentations. With a mobile team, it was key for them to have a reliable platform to showcase their expertise – whether remote working, in a 1-2-1 conversation, or presenting company credentials to a filled boardroom. However, with a disjointed mix of lengthy slidedecks, PDF files, application notes and product specifications, it was difficult for the team to move seamlessly between company and product information, or dive deeper into specific detail when they needed to. It was hard to quickly access their video content, or change the direction of a conversation if a customer wanted to talk about a specific area which was not on the next set of slides. From both a brand perspective, and delivering an engaging customer experience, it was important for Neoperl to have all their company and product information immediately accessible, enabling them to tailor each and every conversation or presentation personally to the customer - depending on what they were interested in.

A totally intuitive and innovative marketing tool

Working closely with the team, we defined their various customer journeys, and the best way for them to deliver eye-catching, engaging content. Then, we used our StiloTouch platform to bring together a rich mix of marketing media – enabling them to tell their story in a much more dynamic way than traditional slide-by-slide content. This gives them the flexibility to be agile in meetings, instantly bringing up customer-focused content relevant to that conversation. Our brand experience ensured that the entire experience adhered to the brand guidelines, and provided a consistent customer experience from website to presentation.

The result was a powerful and flexible presentation tool which enabled the team to move seamlessly between all their sales and marketing material: from company credentials to details product information, application videos and animated environmental presentations. It's transformed the way the team operate, talk about the company, and demonstrate their expertise through online meetings and face to face.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
Neoperl UK
  • A mobile solution for the sales team, enabling them to get key messages across whether working remotely or face-to-face.
  • A platform for delivering stunning, eye-catching content, maximising the opportunities to increase sales.
  • Instant access to a rich mix of relevant and persuasive information, meaning guaranteed dynamic delivery from competent and credible professionals.
  • A brand-focused, flexible presentation which transformed the way the sales team operates, driving up appointment-to-sales ratios.
I instantly saw that StiloTouch could be used to present to all our stakeholders. We now have a state-of-the-art presentation which will prove invaluable to our sales team in particular.
Kevin Gates
Managing Director
Neoperl UK

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