Taking a contemporary approach to a traditional challenge

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Serving givers and churches in a shared ministry of giving

Parish Giving Scheme is a non-profit organisation, designed to support churches to fund their ministry through a managed Direct Debit scheme, making it easier for communities to donate and reducing the burden of work among volunteers.

Challenging a non-tech team

Having a clientele which were predominantly of the elderly and older generation, technology was not part of their every day lives. PGS have a new and more convenient way of enabling communities to support their church, but needed a simple-to-use tool to explain their product, so their community would understand and engage.  

Innovation and simplicity combine

StiloTouch brings together assets such as motion graphics videos and animated info-graphics, and combines them with interactive tap-points for deeper detail, all in a beautifully branded interface to create an innovative and immersive experience for their audience. An offline presentation tool, the full content of StiloTouch is available wherever – and whenever – the team need it. It was designed to be easy to use – instilling confidence in the team and ensuring they always had everything to hand.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
Parish Giving Scheme


Makes conversations about money and giving a great deal easier

Delivers new ways to reach out to the community with flexible conversation routes

Intuitive tap-through interface for mature users and their audience

Animations bring simplicity to step-by-step explanations

Enables a simple overview, then dive deeper for the detail if required

We chose to work with Ian and the StiloTouch team as they demonstrated from the beginning, a deep care and attention to fully understand what our challenges were, and helped us understand how their product could resolve them.
Grant Forrest
Chief Executive
Parish Giving Scheme

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