Equipping mobile sales teams with dynamic product detail and tutorial videos

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Glitz and glamour

Sienna X are the market leading professional sunless tanning brand. With an enviable list of celebrity advocates including Jessie J and Ellie Goulding, Sienna X needed professional presentation and video content to fully exploit their social media presence, demonstrate best techniques, and promote appearance events around the UK.

An engaging, relevant and informative customer experience

We were instrumental in suggesting bringing sales and product information into a digital ePub platform for the sales team to use at events, on the road or for brand profile raising. Sienna X needed an impactful, adaptable and easy-to-use way of showcasing their premium products. We had already assisted with photography and video content for online use, and so it was a natural step to repurpose this for their iPad-based StiloTouch.

Consistent team sales presentations

After defining their customer journey and the information they required to close a sale, we developed a structure which ensured key products could be selected for discussion easily and quickly. We built in animated content for product highlights, and numerous videos to demonstrate application techniques. By designing a suite of bespoke icons, their StiloTouch further developed their brand identity and signalled additional interactive content to the sales team. This gave them additional value from the assets they already had, and ensured consistency across their digital and print marketing.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
Sienna X
  • Sales and product information – all of it, no matter how much – sits in one place, leading to increased confidence in sales staff and more sales more quickly.
  • One digital hub which the sales team utilises, whether virtually or face-to-face, reducing hassle and enhancing the Sienna X brand.
  • Greater consistency of approach. Through being able to instantly click on numerous videos and animated content, sales can be constantly increased and no opportunities are missed.
  • All presentation’s support the client’s brand, which means the sales team speak with one voice through credible, different and engaging pitches which last long in the memory.
StiloTouch perfectly complements our branding and forward-looking approach to market. Clients are really impressed, and it has already shown a quick return on investment.
Nicky Matthews
Sienna X

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