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Apprentice learning support

For apprentices who have Specific Learning Differences(SpLD), the path to achievement is usually a lot harder and required far greater effort. Support Connect exists to help Apprentice, Trainer and WorkSupervisors to be aware of the effects of different learning difficulties and put into place the help, methods and techniques to facilitate the best possible learning experience including non-medical training and inclusive technology.

The need for a flexible, engaging narrative

 Support Connect have several different narratives they can tell, depending on who they are talking to. With a complex set of processes to talk through, and a lot of supporting information, there was a need to have an easy-to-use presentation approach which was also flexible, impactful and easily understood. Their existing material required them to jump between PDF files, website pages, slide decks and case studies.

Captivating audience to achieve success

 We recognised that Support Connect needed a more dynamic, engaging and flexible presentation tool which gave them the ability to tell their story with a rich variety of material – including process animation, motion graphic video, infographics and timelines. StiloTouch has allowedSupport Connect to engage with different audiences quickly, effectively and clearly. With everything being in one place, Support Connect can captivate and inform in a way which better communicates the services they provide, and positions themselves as a leading player in this service delivery.

We designed an easy-to-use interface which allowed the team of all levels to deliver professional level content in a way not seen before.They can instantly flex the direction of a conversation if a particular point is raised, and always have to hand the content they need – whether in a presentation, at an event, or delivering a keynote.

The result is a highly effective presentation platform which delivers understanding of their expertise, delivers the ‘wow’, and facilitated to huge interest at a recent launch expo!

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
Support Connect

Greater consistency of approach when in discussion

New ways to link information all in one place

Video, animations and motion graphics tell a story of achievement and success

Offline platform, reducing stress and hassle and ensuring best use of time

Presentations have a stronger, more engaging connection with the audience

Support Connect

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