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Innovative products deserve innovative marketing

An innovative new technology - yet how do you demonstrate that to your stakeholders?

A conventional, static, linear slidedeck is not going to cut it.

Yuanda wanted to look at new ways to showcase their expertise, and bring their narrative to life at events, customer presentations, or investor pitches. They already had a wealth of well-produced video content, and wanted to access this easily in a presentation with a visually engaging tool - backed up with animations and motion graphics to deliver eye-catching content and drive stakeholder engagement.

After a European Expo discussion, they were keen to understand how StiloTouch could reimagine their customer conversations, and give them the agility to deliver memorable experiences. We mapped out a flexible structure where they could take an overview of the company or their products, then visually layer up deeper content if relevant to the conversation. No need to bypass numerous unwanted slides, or think about where the piece of information they needed was located. This enabled them to focus on delivering just the content relevant to the conversation - which could be different every time.

We built new motion graphics to illustrate key features, and looked at how animations could build the narrative and explain their technology. By staging the delivery of information, comprehension levels are increased and the level of understanding is greater.

The result?

An offline, easy-to-use tool for all the team - whenever and wherever they need it - delivering impact and positioning Yuanda as a technology innovator.

The benefits StiloTouch brought to 
  • Perfectly matching technology expertise with an innovative delivery platform
  • A highly engaging, informative and visual tool to explain their technology
  • Be customer-relevant and flex presentation content as required - different every time
  • A highly effective offline platform for instant access to video and motion graphics
  • Gives the team a powerful tool to use at events and expos – grabbing attention

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