Interactive digital sales and marketing

Interactive digital sales and marketing

The best alternative sales presentation software

Welcome to StiloTouch.
We work with advanced manufacturers, innovators and technology businesses – helping their teams to showcase expertise and demonstrate capability through our next-generation interactive presentation platform.

Showcase your expertise, demonstrate capability and increase conversions with StiloTouch – the interactive presentation platform built for our times.

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We’ve replaced all your different marketing assets (inflexible slidedecks, miscellaneous PDFs, multiple videos) with one innovative, interactive tool: enabling teams to deliver engaging, focused and flexible content at a tap.

StiloTouch delivers in three key ways:

StiloTouch interactive digital sales enablement tools take the marketing of your business to a whole new level. Effortlessly tailor the content to the conversation, and choose from all the assets you need – different every time, and always relevant to your audience. Animation, motion graphics and video bring your narrative alive like never before. Through its unique interactive structure, StiloTouch fundamentally changes the way you convey your expertise to  stakeholders.

Pivot a presentation mid-conversation, instantly bringing up explanatory video content, motion graphics renders, animated text explanations, or deep dive into technology detail through interactive layers. All offline, whenever and wherever you need it: during an informal coffee, delivering a keynote, or at an expo event. StiloTouch is a highly engaging and visual tool for all the team, transforming linear presentations into differentiated customer experiences.
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Recent Client Testimonial:

"When we present to our customers, we want to leave them with the 'wow' factor, taking them on a virtual journey. With StiloTouch, we can tailor the customer experience to exactly what they want to see, different every time."

Win contracts

by having highly engaging presentation material which explains your technology like never before. Our customer successes point to StiloTouch ROI of 30:1

Leverage discussion

by delivering impactful and tailored customer-focused content, different every time.

Deliver experiences

at keynotes, pitches and events – offline, and with impact – clearly differentiating your business from the competition.

Be agile, flexible and relevant

A different presentation every time. Not constrained by rigid, linear slide decks, choose the appropriate content for the flow of conversation - always relevant and insightful.

Cross-platform compatibility

Different devices across your team? No problem. Businesses use StiloTouch on Surface Pro, iPad and laptop for the ultimate offline presentation perfection.

Perfect for global teams

We speak your language. Ensure consistency across sales territories with language versions and content appropriate to your team and customers.

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According to the FT


of business presentations fail



of UK managers found them boring.

...Let's change that.

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